Episode 124

Jazz Hands

Remember the 1960s, when this podcast first began? We had such high ideals, and we enjoyed making people happy. Well, it’s 2017 now, so welcome to our bitter, jaded and utterly mercenary take on The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

The pebble drowning in his lake

Campaigning for our postal plebiscite has turned predictably nasty, but it’s very important for everyone to have their say on this issue: which Colin Baker story should be the subject of our upcoming commentary podcast? Head over to the show notes for Episode 121 to cast your vote.

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The Greatest Show in the Galaxy was released on DVD in 2012. (That was easy.) (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Brendan’s “surprise mirror” remark is totally incomprehensible unless you’ve seen this literal music video of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. Watch it now.

The first episode of Australian comedy series Outland featured a gay Doctor Who fan who briefly considered abandoning his date when he made a crack about Daleks being unable to climb the stairs.

In Richard Marsden’s biography of John Nathan-Turner, it is revealed that JNT and his partner used to refer to hard-core fans as “barkers”, and the attractive ones as “doable barkers”.

Chris Chibnall will be taking the reins of Doctor Who any day now. Here he is on the BBC’s Open Air programme in 1986, criticising The Trial of a Time Lord.

The Pakleds from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Samaritan Snare were intended to be a parody of Star Trek fans.

This sketch from A Bit of Fry and Laurie depicts Stephen Fry’s reaction to increasing choice in the media landscape. Watch it all the way through — there’s a lovely surprise in there for fans of Doctor Who.

Richard identifies 7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964) as one of the inspirations for this story. The eponymous Doctor is played by Tony Randall in some appalling yellowface. Check out the trailer here.

Picks of the week


Take a deep breath. Brendan’s first pick is Doctor Who on Holiday a remix by Dean Gray of The KLF’s Doctorin’ the TARDIS, featuring Green Day. It’s good.

His second pick is The X-Men: The Animated Series Podcast, a podcast in which two American fans discuss, well, X-Men: The Animated Series.


Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies, read by Robert Hardy. It’s not available on Audible in the US. Write to your Congressman. (Audible UK) (Audible AU)


Richard (bless him) just wants you to watch Season 25 again. And eat some fruit.

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Richard is off on a top-secret mission to Piz Gloria right now, so our coverage of the Brosnan era will resume in a few weeks’ time. While you’re waiting, you can enjoy our previous commentaries on the Pierce Brosnan films, and our commentaries on the Timothy Dalton Era.

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