The podcast

Flight Through Entirety is a thrilling new podcast in which four witty and attractive fans fly through the entire fifty-year history of Doctor Who, season by season. With cake.

Theme music by John Smith and the Common Men (iTunes), arranged by Cameron Lam. Logo design by Anthony Wells.

Your hosts

Brendan Jones is the youngest member of the panel, having been born between an ABC–TV repeat of Terror of the Zygons Part 1 and the premiere of The Five Doctors. His favourite story is The Androids of Tara, due in part to its unique nature, but mostly because of the wonder that is Mary Tamm. He owns a multitude of video games and consoles, but still manages to get out of the house (on most days anyway).

Richard Stone first watched Doctor Who at a tender and vulnerable age. He was in swaddling clothes when he first saw Sarah Jane, mouthing off in a Vajrayana monastery with an enormous great black hairy spider up her jumper. He blames this for his marked adult distaste for backpacks, black pipe cleaners and Buddhists. He now divides his interests between supporting the wealthy and employing the poor, by spending his earnings in their Pubs.

Nathan Bottomley is a fortysomething Latin teacher living in Sydney. He has been watching Doctor Who since before Brendan was born, starting with a repeat of Death to the Daleks on ABC-TV in 1978. His favourite story is Aliens of London, partly because people find that annoying, but mostly because it’s just fantastic. This photo makes him appear much cooler than he actually is.

Todd Beilby was born in Brisbane sometime in the early 1970s, just two days before Paul Whitsun-Jones waddled onto our screens in The Mutants, but he can no longer remember his earliest memory of Doctor Who. He spent three years as President of the Doctor Who Club of Australia, and even longer organising conventions between 1996 and 2005. While not teaching, Todd can be found performing in community theatre or listening to the classic musical stylings of 80s hit makers Stock/Aitken/Waterman.