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Episode 195

Welcome to the Kandy Kommentary

This week, Thatcherism, marshmallows and contractual obligation collide as we fulfil a promise made late in 2017 to record a commentary on one of Doctor Who’s angriest and most revolutionary stories, The Happiness Patrol.

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The Happiness Patrol was released on DVD in 2012. In the US, it was released on its own (Amazon US), while in the UK and Australia, it was inexplicably released as part of the Ace Adventures box set, along with Dragonfire (Amazon UK).

Our original discussion of The Happiness Patrol, featuring Brendan and Richard, can be found in Episode 122: This Neocon World, recorded in July 2017.

James and Nathan discussed the story with Erik and Adam on The Real McCoy Podcast in December 2019.

James nominates The Happiness Patrol as his favourite Doctor Who story on New to Who’s surprise Christmas Special back in December 2018.

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Episode 195: Welcome to the Kandy Kommentary · Recorded on Sunday, 19 July 2020 · Duration 1:18:18 · Download · Open in new window

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