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Episode 201

Tiggers Don’t Like Bacon

We’re back. It’s the first episode of a whole new era, and Matt Smith has 20 minutes to save the world and an hour to convince the audience that there’s life after David Tennant. Pull up a fire engine and delete your browser history — it’s time for The Eleventh Hour.

Richard mentions Pretend It’s a City, a seven-part documentary series in which Franz Lebowitz discusses her most bracing opinions with Martin Scorsese.

Perhaps the Atraxi come from Atraxi 3, a planet first mentioned in Kate Orman and Jon Blum’s novel Vampire Science. It’s also inhabited by a a race of giant mosquitos.

Nathan mentions Neil Gaiman’s short story The Problem of Susan, which uses the character of Susan Pevensie to discuss C S Lewis’s problem with adult female sexuality in his Narnia books. Sandifer uses this short story in her analysis of why the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan fails as a character in the early years of Doctor Who.

Lynda Day is the main character of Steven Moffat’s brilliant (and occasionally problematic) children’s series Press Gang. Brilliant played by Julia Sowalha, Lynda will be eerily familiar to anyone who has watched this era of Doctor Who.

Olivia Colman talks about first becoming really famous in the first episode of David Tennant’s excellent podcast David Tennant Does a Podcast with….

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Episode 201: Tiggers Don’t Like Bacon · Recorded on Sunday 24 January 2021 · Duration 1:05:01 · Download · Open in new window

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