Episode 206

Those Facepalming Moments

“Remember us. Dream of us.”

Rosanna Calvierri

This week, James is getting excited about being accepted into a new finishing school, Todd is being complacent about the size of his torch, Nathan is huddling in a corner repeatedly saying the word fish, and friend-of-the-podcast Karen Carpenter is lying in the courtyard and rehydrating. It’s The Vampires of Venice.

While we were preparing this episode for release, we were saddened to learn of the death of Helen McCrory, who played Rosanna Calvierri in The Vampires of Venice, and who died of cancer just a few days ago at the age of 52. Her husband, Damian Lewis, posted a beautiful tribute to her on Twitter.

Rather than having to contend with literally millions of tourists, the production team decided to recreate Venice in the tiny Croatian town of Trogir.

The Doctor might have tried to be a bit more careful defusing that weather control thing in the final act — the Campanile di San Marco collapsed in 1902 and had to be rebuilt.

And, finally, here’s Helen McCrory herself, describing her role in the 2000 production of Anna Karenina in The Guardian.

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