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Episode 58

The Fool Idwal Morgan

This week, we’re back on Earth, being menaced by giant glowing fibreglass rocks. Incidentally, we’re also discussing the third story in the Key to Time season, The Stones of Blood.

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In the US, you can buy The Stones of Blood by itself (Amazon US), or as part of the Key to Time box set (Amazon US). In the UK, it’s only available as part of the Key to Time box set. (Amazon UK)

For the first time ever, Brendan was wrong about something. When auditioning to replace the divine Miss Rigg in The Avengers, Susan Engel didn’t act against Moray Laing, the current editor of Doctor Who Adventures magazine. It was actually Moray Watson, who played Sir Robert Muir in Black Orchid.

Fortunately, Nathan was also wrong about Beatrix Lehmann — she went on to appear twice more on screen, in the film The Cat and the Canary (1978) and the miniseries Crime and Punishment (1979).

Evelyn Smythe was one of the Sixth Doctor’s companions in the main Big Finish series of Doctor Who audios.

And in other things that Nathan is wrong about, Gareth Roberts’s comic strip about sentient sand that attacks people was actually written by Paul Cornell and called Seaside Rendezvous, published in DWM’s 1991 Summer Special.

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