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Episode 73

Web of Nothing

With the Source out of control, nature, they say, reverts to destructive chaos.

This week, Brendan, Nathan and Todd perform the entire podcast in iambic pentameters and wearing stick-on BBC beards. The script is great, the sets are great, the actors are great, and the Master is here too. It’s The Keeper of Traken.

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The Keeper of Traken was released on DVD in 2007. In the US, it was available on its own (Amazon US), but in the UK and Australia, it was part of the New Beginnings box set, which also included Logopolis and Castrovalva (Amazon UK).

This might not make it to the final cut, but we bang on about the Doctor Who Cookbook at the beginning of the raw recording, so here’s a link. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Fans of giant exposition dumps will enjoy Space: 1999, which showcases Johnny Byrne’s talents at dumping exposition. Season 1 is worth a watch; Season 2 is a horrific trainwreck. Avoid.

We’ve mentioned this before, but in the late 70s and the early 80s, the BBC produced TV versions of all of Shakespeare’s plays, whose design and direction were terribly similar to the design and direction of this story.

Geoffrey Beevers goes on to have a great post-Doctor Who career as the Master. Fans of his version of the Master will enjoy all of his audiobooks, as well as Big Finish’s Dust Breeding, Master and The Two Masters.

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Doctor Who in 10 Seconds

The great unsung hero of Flight Through Entirety is, of course, Brendan, with his crazily brilliant editing skillz. But what don’t you get to see?

To celebrate 100 subscribers to Doctor Who in Ten Seconds, Brendan has chosen to release his blooper reel, and it’s just hilariously wonderful. Fans of Brendan dancing will definitely enjoy this, and so will everyone else. Take a look.

You can subscribe to the entire series on YouTube.


So, we have nine Bond commentary podcasts available right now, starting from Dr. No and going all the way to Live and Let Die, and including the psychedelic nightmare that is Casino Royale (1967). You can find all these commentaries on our website, and you can keep up with all the Bondfinger news on Twitter and Facebook.

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