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Episode 75

It’s All About Him

Well… it’ll just go on and on and on and on, because it’s part of our television, isn’t it? Why should it stop, there’s no evidence… everyone’s been very successful in it.

Tom’s gone, so it’s time for another retrospective episode, ably compered by Sir Todd Beilby. Who will we snog, marry and avoid this time?

Fans of Tom Baker will enjoy his 1997 biography Who on Earth is Tom Baker? (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Pearl Mackie is introduced as Peter Capaldi’s new companion when she faces the Daleks in this introductory video.

The Robots of Death do return, in the Kaldor City audios and in Robophobia, a Big Finish audio starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor.

Tom’s Doctor makes his comic debut in 1975, in the TV Comic strip Death Flower.

Chris Boucher’s terrible (but highly absorbent) BBC Books include Last Man Running and Corpse Marker.

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Doctor Who in 10 Seconds is FTE’s first flight into the world of online video, and Gareth Roberts has described it as a hoot.

To see every story from Doctor Who’s first three seasons summarised in 10 seconds by our very own Brendan Jones, check out the playlist on YouTube.


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