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Hannah Cooper

A young woman is drinking a pint out the front of the of the church at Devil's End, with a Bok figure standing on the table in front of her.

Hannah Cooper was enticed by the 2005 trailers for new Doctor Who and quickly realised that the first decade and a bit of her life had been deprived. This swiftly led to UKTV Gold’s weekend omnibuses and eBay bids on deleted Peter Davison videos (still livid at being fleeced of £11.40 for The King’s Demons), as well as a slippery road towards lots of 1970s TV — some great, some awful, all of it fascinating. Her favourite story is The Caves of Androzani, and she still wonders if anyone else first encountered the Second Doctor via the BBC website’s Photonovels.

Episode 258

Both as Bad as One Another

This week, Pete Lambert and Hannah Cooper join us for a particularly embarrassing Coal Hill School parents’ evening, which goes horribly wrong when a Mechanoid is found roaming the premises. It’s The Caretaker.

Episode 258: Both as Bad as One Another · Recorded on Saturday, 28 January 2023 · Duration 0:49:21 · Download · Open in new window

Series 8The Twelfth Doctor