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Our podcasts

The Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire

The Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire is our Doctor Who flashcast. A day or two after each episode of the second RTD era, your FTE hosts convene over the phone to deliver our steaming-hot ill-considered takes on its content and quality.

Startling Barbara Bain

Startling Barbara Bain is our commentary podcast about the 1970s sci-fi TV show Space: 1999. Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Space: 1999 tells the story of a moon hurled into the depths of space by a nuclear accident, at first encountering strange and numinous metaphysical phenomena, and later running into a bunch of guys in nylon gorilla suits.

Untitled Star Trek Project

Untitled Star Trek Project sees FTE host Nathan team up with friend-of-the-podcast Joe Ford to watch random episodes of all the shows that make up the Star Trek franchise, sometimes providing important production detail and insightful critiques, and sometimes just laughing uproariously at the nonsense of it all.

Maximum Power

Maximum Power is a co-production with the Trap One podcast. It’s a podcast about Blake’s 7, a show which, like Space: 1999, Doctor Who and Star Trek, firmly plants one foot on each side of the line between nonsense and genius.


Bondfinger was our James Bond commentary podcast, which also ended up covering shows like The Avengers, The Prisoner and even The Champions. It’s our second love, a testament not just to the James Bond movie series and the wonderful sixties TV that influenced it, but also to many glorious evenings at Richard’s place, eating and drinking and laughing ourselves stupid.

Jodie into Terror

Jodie into Terror was the spiritual forerunner of The Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire. When it was announced that Jodie Whittaker would be the new Doctor, we realised that we couldn’t wait six or seven years to talk about her historic new era, and so we started to record our ill-judged off-the-cuff reactions to the new episodes just days after they aired.