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Episode 104

Planet Zog

Our vast Flight Through Entirety budget for this season has now run out completely, so this week we’re just hanging out in some dingy corridors listlessly rebelling against things for no reason. It’s here, it’s lame — it’s Timelash.

Welcome to voting cubicle three thirty

Our poll is still open: just head over to the shownotes for Episode 103 and cast your vote for the Pertwee story you would like us to ruin for you forever in an upcoming commentary episode. We’re in Australia here, so voting is compulsory.

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Timelash was released on DVD in 2007/2008. But you’d really be better of spending your money on plutonium and cigarettes (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Inspired by the events of this story, H. G. Wells will go on to create modern SF, probably, with classics like The Time Machine, The Island of Doctor Moreau and The Invisible Man, and with more terrible books like The Food of the Gods and In the Days of the Comet.

Fans of guest stars coming on to a science fiction programme and completely upstaging the lead will enjoy Colin Baker’s performance as Bayban in the Blakes 7 episode City at the Edge of the World.

At the start of the Virgin Missing Adventure Speed of Flight by Paul Leonard, the Doctor plans to take Jo Grant and Mike Yates to Karfel for an exciting adventure of some kind.

This story’s composer, Elizabeth Parker, was previously responsible for special sound on Blakes 7 from Season 2 onwards. She may have provided the music for Duel; she seems definitely to have provided the music for Gambit. She will go on to have resounding success with the music for David Attenborough’s The Living Planet.

How did we all react the last time the Loch Ness Monster appeared in Doctor Who? Listen to Episode 37: A Shaved Mr Snuffleupagus to find out.

Todd is horrified to learn that Brendan enjoyed Star Trek: The Next Generation bottle show Where Silence Has Lease.

In a nearby parallel universe where Timelash was never made, this week’s episode of Flight Through Entirety covers either Leviathan or The Song of the Space Whale.

And a very loud voice

We can’t get enough Colin Baker, of course, and so in an upcoming episode we plan to talk about some of his work for Big Finish.

If you want to prepare, here’s a list of the audios we plan to cover.

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Doctor Who in 10 Seconds

Brendan has been hard at work in the studio this week, which means that it won’t be too long before we get to see another episode of Doctor Who in Ten Seconds. While you wait, you can still watch all of the previous episodes, in which Brendan summarises 51 Doctor Who stories in no more than 10 seconds each. Make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel, so that you are informed immediately when the Season 8 episode becomes available.


We were so gutted by Rodge’s wildly premature departure from the Bond franchise, that we’ve been unable to bring ourselves to watch his successor in the role. Is he any good?

But, our duty to Queen and Country compels us to continue, which means that Bondfinger will return with our commentary on The Living Daylights (1987).

In the meantime, we have a range of Rodgecasts online, and other Bonds are also available, of course. You can keep up with all the Bondfinger news on Twitter and Facebook.

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