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Episode 203

Thirteen and a Half Minutes

This week, we’re hunkering down in the Cabinet War Rooms with Col Sillitto from New to Who, surrounded by increasing numbers of suspicious-looking miniature tanks. Nathan is finding the Prime Minister increasingly intolerable, James is gagging for a cup of tea, Richard is admiring the Group Captain’s Spitfire, and Col is reminiscing about that night behind the post office with Dorabella. Little do we know how close we all are to the ultimate Victory of the Daleks.

Richard mentions Alan Turing, that unsung and horribly mistreated hero of World War II, who has just been commemorated with the issue of a delightfully nerdy new £50 note.

We’ve mentioned it before on the podcast, but here it is again: Charles Chilton’s Journey into Space, a popular BBC radio drama of the 1950s, which tells the story of a British rocket trip to the moon.

Richard’s picks of the week

Richard has chosen two BBC radio sitcoms featuring Doctor Who alumni and set in Britain during World War II.

The first of these is Hut 33, featuring Alex MacQueen and Olivia Colman. It’s set at Bletchley Park, presumably in the hut one over from the one where Alan Turing was doing his life-saving codebreaking work.

And the second is Dot, starring Fenella Woolgar and set among the girls working in the Cabinet War Rooms.

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