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Episode 204

Implacable and Completely Incomprehensible

This week, we spend 45 minutes climbing a staircase in search of 2007’s most celebrated Doctor Who monster. Peter’s dreaming about the Aplan, James is wishing he hadn’t worn these heels, Nathan is wondering if he left the mortars in the nave or the vestry, and Simon is admiring the low lighting and the sombre vaulted ceilings. It turns out our dreams no longer need us, so this must be The Time of Angels.

Peter suggests that River might not be popular among Doctor Who fans who are “very gun”. To find out what he means by this, pop along and take a look at Nathan’s essay on Guns and Frocks.

We allude to Lance Parkin’s AHistory: An Unauthorized History of the Doctor Who Universe: a quixotic and unserious attempt to deform Doctor Who by placing all of its stories into a coherent external version of reality.

Nathan mentions Erik Stadnik’s recently expressed sentiment about the constrained universe of RTD’s Doctor Who. You can find this on a recent episode of Doctor Who: The Writers’ Room, a podcast he does with Kyle Anderson, which is now tackling the RTD era, after dealing comprehensively with the Classic Series, The Outer Limits and Sapphire and Steel. A must-listen.

And, finally, here’s Graham Norton paying the price for ruining the cliffhanger to the episode on its first broadcast on BBC One.

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Episode 204: Implacable and Completely Incomprehensible · Recorded on Saturday 6 February 2021 · Duration 0:59:02 · Download · Open in new window

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