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Episode 210

Balancing the Darkness

This week, James, Nathan and Richard are joined by friend-of-the podcast Fiona Tomney for a few days mooning around in the south of France, staring into the gaping maw of isolation and depression and trying to prevent Vincent from inadvertently destroying some very pretty paintings. It’s Vincent and the Doctor.

Richard is right — Richard Curtis worked uncredited on the scenes between Lady Penelope (our own Sophia Myles) and her chauffeur Parker (our own Ron Cook) in 2004’s justly unloved Thunderbirds remake.

Here’s the article Nathan mentioned about the awfulness of Curtis’s Love Actually (2003), a film in which Prime Minister Hugh Grant risks causing a diplomatic incident in order to get a girlfriend.

James mentions Curtis’s About Time (2013), in which Domnhall Gleeson discovers that he can travel backwards and forwards in his own lifespan in order to get a girlfriend.

And our last Curtis film for the time being — The Tall Guy (1989), in which Jeff Goldblum keeps going to the hospital and getting a series of increasingly unnecessary vaccinations in order to get a girlfriend.

Spike Milligan is the author and illustrator of A Book of Milliganimals (1968), in which he asks the important question “Can a parrot/eat a carrot/standing on his head?” His motivation for writing this book remains a mystery.

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