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Episode 211


This week, we’re joined by Jack Shanahan and Joe Ford to dicuss an episode where we discover that not only is the Doctor good at saving the world, he’s a useful striker, a reliable employee and a skilled matchmaker. And someone who looks good in a skimpy towel. It’s The Lodger.

Daisy Haggard created, co-wrote and starred in Back to Life (2019), a BBC comedy series about a woman who returns home to live with her parents after 17 years in jail. It features a hilarious comedy turn from our very own Jo Martin.

Fans of those rare moments when Brendan talks about how terrible something is will enjoy his discussion of Black Orchid in his video Doctor Who: My Bottom 5 Stories!. More of the same can be found in our very own Black Orchid episode, Episode 81: The Worst Lawn Party Ever.

The Lodger is based on a comic strip featuring The Tenth Doctor and Mickey Smith first published in April 2007 in Doctor Who Magazine issue 368.

Spaced (1999) was a comedy series starring amd written by our own Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg and directed by Edgar Wright. It was very clever and trope-aware, and if you can find it, we’re certain that you will enjoy it.

This story’s Emergency Crash Hologram is a loving tribute to or a blatant ripoff of Star Trek: Voyager’s Emergency Medical Hologram, wonderfully played by TV’s Robert Picardo and — delightfully — also known as the Doctor.

Gareth Roberts published an extract from his original script of this story, whose working title was Meglos 2 in Doctor Who Magazine issue 423.

And finally, Brendan talks about the lamentably unwatched Part 2 of Meglos in his YouTube series Say Something Nice.

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