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Episode 231

Unblocking the Sink

We’ve been off the air for a few months now, but apparently all it takes to bring us all back together is a few thousand Daleks desperate to find out who’s been playing them Bizet’s Carmen from deep inside their terrifyingly impregnable prison. Unfortunately none of us can muster much interest in any of that: instead, we’re worrying about the state of Amy and Rory’s marriage and wondering why on earth the new girl has turned up a year early. It’s Asylum of the Daleks.

As is now well recorded, the B-Ark was a giant spaceship built by the people of the planet Golgafrincham, so that they could launch into space an entirely useless third of their population, including the telephone sanitisers and advertising account executives. You can learn more about the wisdom of the people of Golgafrincham in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Oswin is an old Anglo-Saxon name meaning “friend of God”. An Oswine was king of Northumbria in the Seventh Century; his predecessor was King Osric. Ingrid Oliver’s Doctor Who character, first introduced in Day of the Doctor, is called Osgood, and Richard is correct that the Os- element means God in both names.

Richard also mentions Jean Cocteau’s La belle et la bête (1946), particularly as an inspiration for the strange vision Amy has of Daleks as people as she succumbs to the Asylum planet’s Dalekifying influence.

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Episode 231: Unblocking the Sink · Recorded on Sunday 13 March 2022 · Duration 0:53:02 · Download · Open in new window

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