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Episode 237

A Proud Bear Holding a Bag of Chips Getting to Be Celia Imrie

It’s 2013 and Doctor Who is back for its anniversary season — with a new companion, a new outfit for the Doctor, and a lethal and potentially world-ending new threat from the Internet, more than a decade before the invention of Web3. Keep a close eye on your apes, everyone: it’s The Bells of Saint John.

Celia Imrie is known and loved by all of us here at FTE from her role in Absolutely Fabulous as Jennifer Saunders’s rival in PR, Claudia Bing from Bing, Bing, Bing & Bing. Here’s an in-depth interview with her, about her career both as an actress and a writer, which published in The Scotsman in 2016.

Danny Hargreaves was Doctor Who’s extremely photogenic special effects supervisor, who was always a very welcome addition to any episode of Doctor Who Confidential.

And, finally, it’s time that we sat down and had a serious, proper talk about Doctor Who production codes. From the very beginning of the show in 1963, every story was referred to internally by its production code, which was initially a single capital letter from A to Z, then a double letter (AA to ZZ), then a triple letter (AAA to ZZZ) and then finally an initial number followed by a letter (4A to 4Z and so on). And so An Unearthly Child was A and Ghost Light was 7Q. Back in the day, certain of us knew the production codes for every story — sadly, in these hectic modern times, we have better things to do. You can find out all about the ins and outs of production codes here.

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Episode 237: A Proud Bear Holding a Bag of Chips Getting to Be Celia Imrie · Recorded on Sunday 29 May 2022 · Duration 0:47:52 · Download · Open in new window

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