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Episode 241

The Law of Conservation of Detail

This week, Nathan, Simon, Peter and their new friend Mathew find ourselves wandering some space corridors in search of some kind of button that will bust us out of this time loop. Are we on board the USS Voyager during one of its less successful high-concept episodes? Or do we find out — to our horror — that we’re on a Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS?

We don’t mention him by name, but the writer of this episode is Steve Thompson, who also wrote The Curse of the Black Spot (about which, more here) and Time Heist (co-written by Steven Moffat).

The eponymous Law of Conservation of Detail can be found explained on the TV Tropes wiki. In short, only detail relevant to the story will be included in an episode, particularly a constrained 42-minute television episode. Its corollary is that any detail included in an episode should be expected to be relevant to the story.

Simon alludes to the film 127 Hours (2010), in which a young American man’s arm is trapped under a boulder in a canyoneering accident and so he decides after five days to break the bones and then cut it off in order to free himself. Somewhat surprisingly, Simon significantly underestimates the number of hours it would take someone to make that decision.

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Episode 241: The Law of Conservation of Detail · Recorded on Sunday 19 June 2022 · Duration 0:50:40 · Download · Open in new window

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