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Episode 25

A Hessian Sack Full of Candy Canes

It’s the start of Season 9, and so it’s time for Brendan, Richard and Nathan to grow a terrorist moustache or stick on a military-issue UNIT one and settle back with a sardonic wine and a runny brie to watch Day of the Daleks, The Curse of Peladon and The Sea Devils. Oh, Centauri, stop it!

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Day of the Daleks was released in 2011 as a Special Edition DVD, with an excitingly remastered version which we discuss in the episode. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

In the UK and Australia, The Curse of Peladon was released in 2010 as part of the decreasingly impressive Peladon Tales Boxset (Amazon UK). It was released separately in the US. (Amazon US)

Again, in the UK and Australia, The Sea Devils was released in 2008 as part of the Beneath the Surface Boxset (Amazon UK). It was released separately in the US. (Amazon US)

Day of the Daleks

Once again, here is a photo of Brendan dressed as Katy Manning from Day of the Daleks.

And there’s that old Vulcan saying: Only Nixon could go to China.

Earlier this month, Australian activist group Beyond Green responded to Attorney-General George Brandis’s plan to save details about every Australian’s online activity, by suggesting that we should CC him into every email conversation we have.

(Not that) Louis Marx was responsible for a range of toy Daleks in the 1960s, some of which later found their way into the programme to represent armies of Daleks that the production could actually afford. (See, among others, Planet of the Daleks.)

Here’s Clayton Hickman’s tweet about the poor condition of the Dalek props in Day of the Daleks.

You won’t want to miss Aubrey Woods singing The Candyman Can from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971).

Brendan mentions Flight of the Darned, by farmageddon71, the person behind the 1990s special edition of The Five Doctors. No spoilers, but stop whatever you’re doing right now and watch it immediately.

Here’s Sean Pertwee dressed up as his father dressed up as the Doctor for Halloween 2014.

The Curse of Peladon

The Radio Times review of The Curse of Peladon has a lovely publicity shot of Katy Manning complete with a stray hair roller. (Katy claims that these were actually shots from rehearsals rather than specially-staged publicity shots.)

Arcturus, apparently, went on to have a prolific television career, starring as Bernard, part of Queen Asphyxia’s triple husbandoid, in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol.

I am proud to announce that I have been unable to find all of Alpha Centauri’s appearance on The Black and White Minstrel Show, although a brief clip can be seen here, as part of BabelColour’s brilliant Every Doctor Who Story video.

The Sea Devils

Here are some lovely episodes of The Clangers for you to enjoy.

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