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Episode 24

Punching Terry Walsh in the Face

Brendan, Nathan and Todd return to space after a two-year absence in our last episode on Jon Pertwee’s second season. It’s time to don a hippie frock and visit Colony in Space, and then take a relaxing two-week holiday on location at a sleepy country village beset by The Dæmons!

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Colony in Space was released on DVD in 2011. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The Dæmons was released on DVD in 2012. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

(That was dull. Sorry.)

Colony in Space

The Good Life stars The Chief Caretaker and Lady Clemency Eddison as lovable middle-class eccentrics who decide, much like this story’s colonists, to opt out of the capitalist rat-race and live self-sufficiently. You can find Vyvyan’s take on the programme here.

Hornets’ Nest is a five-story audio drama series starring Tom Baker, Richard Franklin as Mike Yates and Captain Dent’s almost-henchwoman Susan Jameson as Mrs Wibbsey. You can watch the official trailer for the series here.

The Dæmons

Fans of weirdly incorrectly used Latin pronouns will enjoy this dictionary entry for the word qui quae quod. Doctor Which?

Fans of sleepy English villages with a dark secret will enjoy the 1967 novel Ritual and its film adaptation The Wicker Man (1973), as well as the 1967 novel The Owl Service and its 1969 ITV adaptation. Fans of things that are fabulous will enjoy watching the entire Avengers episode for free online somehow.

Fans of crackpot theories about human mythology being inspired by aliens will enjoy Erich Von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods?

Picks of the week


The story of Liz Shaw and the Doctor continues in the Big Finish Companion Chronicle The Sentinels of the New Dawn.


The Randomiser, again, obviously.

Check out this excellent new Doctor Who blog Crater of Needles, and follow it on Twitter at @CraterOfNeedles. It’s edited by Stephen Wood, who can be found on Twitter at @StephenWood_UK.


The Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe return to Axos in the Big Finish audio The Feast of Axos.

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