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Episode 253

A Peter Capaldi–Shaped Time Tunnel

After half a lifetime of waiting, the time has come for Peter Capaldi to finally take on the role he was born to play. But is twenty-first century Who ready for this spiky and unpredictable leading man and his sexy and unhinged mortal enemy? We’re about to find out — but first, let’s take a Deep Breath.

The new “bees in a theremin” theme music reminds Simon uncomfortably of the EP Doctor Who: Variations on a Theme, which was released in 1989 and contained four different versions of the Doctor Who theme: the Mood Version and the Regeneration Mix by Mark Ayers, the Terror Version by Dominic Glynn and the Latin Version by Keff McCulloch.

The Series 9 episode Before the Flood features a version of this new theme with Peter Capaldi himself playing electric guitar. Todd likes this version much better.

The new title sequence was based closely on a concept created in 2013 by digital artist Billy Hanshaw, which quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of views and was spotted by Steven Moffat, who said it was the “only new title idea I’d seen since 1963”. You can read the story of its creation in Connor Johnston’s interview with Billy Hanshaw at Doctor Who TV.

So. Elizabeth Tower, which houses Big Ben, is 97.5 metres tall, while a Tyrannosaurus rex standing upright is, we think, only about 5 metres tall. But in November 2022, paleontologists Jordan Mallon and David Hone suggested that the largest T. rex could have been 70% larger than the largest specimen we have now, and it could have weighed about 15 tonnes. Which suggests that Madam Vastra knew what she was talking about.

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Episode 253: A Peter Capaldi–Shaped Time Tunnel · Recorded on Sunday 11 December 2022 · Duration 1:05:11 · Download · Open in new window

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