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Episode 261

The Prestige

This week, we’re doing some judicially-mandated cleaning up around a council estate in Bristol when we make some terrifying discoveries about the source and nature of the graffiti we’re painting over, and some even more terrifying discoveries about our own and our friends’ moral characters. Also, someone left the TARDIS prop from Logopolis Part 3 lying around here somewhere. It’s Flatline.

Brendan mentions Jamie Mathieson’s film Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel (2009), a film starring Chris O’Dowd, Dean Lennox Kelly and Marc Wootton as three friends in a pub coping with a weird Moffat-y time travel thing. Nathan mentions Toby Whithouse’s series Being Human (2008–2013), originally about a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf flat-sharing in Bristol, and eventually about a completely different ghost, vampire and werewolf flat-sharing on Barry Island: Jamie Mathieson wrote four scripts, one for each of the last four seasons of the show.

The idea of beings living in a two-dimensional world was explored as early as 1884 in Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, written by an English schoolmaster, which combines a lightly comic critique of Victorian social hierarchy with imaginative speculation about the weird experience of living in a two-dimensional world.

Steven’s description of Series 8’s gradual development of the Doctor’s character as a magic trick is explicitly based on The Prestige (2006), an early Christopher Nolan film in which two Victorian magicians, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, are pitted against one another in a quest for the ultimate illusion.

In For Your Eyes Only (1981), Roger Moore’s Bond tries to protect a young woman by dissuading her from killing the people who murdered her parents. That woman was Carole Bouquet, whose bottom and alarmingly long legs adorned the film’s poster, six years before the first release of Adobe Photoshop.

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