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Episode 262

She Was the Hydrangeas All Along

It’s like the New Forest only newer, as well as more sudden and completely worldwide. But is it here for revenge, or to provide us with some much-needed help? Let’s find out as Mathew Hounsell and Kevin Burnard join us to discuss In the Forest of the Night.

Here’s an article on William Blake’s ‘The Tyger’, from which this episode gets its name (and its tiger, I guess). Delightfully, as well as providing a short analysis of the poem, it reproduces Blake’s full version of the poem in its original form as a text on a watercolour painting. [Sadly, a cyberattack on the British Library in October 2023 has caused the loss of this article and a good deal of its digital collection.]

Bubble Shock is the extremely unhealthy soft drink created and marketed by the alien Bane in the first story of the first season of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The Gaia Hypothesis proposes that living organisms and the environment in which they evolved form a complex, self-regulating system that keeps the Earth habitable. It was developed in the 1970s and has generally recieved a fair degree of criticism ever since.

This episode was recorded well before New York’s recent air-quality problems; New South Wales experienced its own version of this in the summer of 2019/2020, just before the pandemic hit. Here’s The Walkley Foundation’s digital exhibition of the most astounding press photographs from that terrible summer.

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Episode 262: She Was the Hydrangeas All Along · Recorded on Saturday 6 May 2023 · Duration 0:55:40 · Download · Open in new window

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