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Episode 263

Terribly Gay

This week, Danny’s death is somehow made up for by the culmination of a season-long arc which finally brings Michelle Gomez properly into the limelight. It’s Dark Water.

This week’s evil corporation is 3W, which gets it’s name from the three words Don’t cremate me. But, as Brendan points out, it’s also the production code for Invasion of the Dinosaurs. We explain about production codes in unnecessary detail in the shownotes for Episode 237.

The Black Orchid problem is that a two-part story has its climax at the halfway point instead of somewhere more appropriate. It’s identified by El Sandifer in her essay on that story.

Well, we found the clip for the shownotes: Brendan mentions Chris Addison’s appearance on an episode of Have I Got News for You? hosted by Tom Baker. The whole episode is worth a watch, but the incident that Brendan refers to starts here.

Once again, we allude to the Troops to Teachers programme, which gave veterans the chance to fast-track their teacher training so that they could work in schools. The Guardian reports on the scheme here.

Fans of Missy’s (other) gay sidekick Dr Chang can see much more of Andrew Leung in Lilting (2014), where his lover is played by Ben Whishaw.

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Episode 263: Terribly Gay · Recorded on Sunday 4 June 2023 · Duration 1:01:12 · Download · Open in new window

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