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Episode 269

Baseless Criticism

This week, we’re playing Doctor Who madlibs — cowering in an UNDERWATER BASE, waiting for the ELECTROMAGNETIC GHOSTS to pick us off one by one. Fortunately, Peter Capaldi and some attractive young people are here to keep us entertained. We’re Under the Lake.

The CEO of this base under siege is apparently called Richard Pritchard, a name some of us first encountered in Broken News, a 2005 comedy which replicated the exprience of channel hoping between 24-hour news channels during an emerging international crisis. On one of those channels, news anchor Richard Pritchard was accompanied by Katie Tate and Melanie Bellamby (Torchwood’s Indira Varma).

Nathan mentions an outstanding performance in Toby Whithouse’s previous episode A Town Called Mercy. He’s either referring to Adrian Scarborough as Kahler-Jex or Ben Browder as Isaac.

The coordinate system Nathan refers to is called what3words: it divides the Earth’s surface into 3 × 3 metre squares and assigns a three-word phrase to each square. At the risk of compromising my opsec, the pub I’m going to for dinner tonight has its front door in the square cross.paying.bucked.

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Episode 269: Baseless Criticism · Recorded on Sunday 13 August 2023 · Duration 0:50:36 · Download · Open in new window

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