Series 9

Episode 267

Making My Head Hurt

So Doctor Who is back, doing the same old thing for another year, but this time we’re relitigating the main moral question of a thirty-year-old episode: can we kill a genocidal dictator even though he’s just a small child with a dirty face lost on a battlefield somewhere? Tom Spilsbury joins us to discuss The Magician’s Apprentice.

Episode 267: Making My Head Hurt · Duration 1:05:57 · Download · Open in new window

Series 9The Twelfth Doctor

Episode 268

A Very Busy Barnaby Edwards

This week, the Doctor chats with Davros, Missy chats with Clara, and the four of us wonder if those chats are fun enough to sustain forty-five minutes of television. All while actually having quite a fun chat ourselves. It’s The Witch’s Familiar.

Episode 268: A Very Busy Barnaby Edwards · Duration 1:01:23 · Download · Open in new window

Series 9The Twelfth Doctor