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Episode 273

Electrified Pubic Merkins

This week, we’ve invited twenty million Zygons over for cocktails, and now we’re starting to feel self-conscious about cooking up all that salt-and-pepper squid. And so soon we’re involved in an international political thriller that takes us from Fake New Mexico all the way to Madeupistan. It’s The Zygon Invasion.

Sister Lamont from Terror of the Zygons was played by Lillias Walker, who died in August at the age of 93. I hope she knew how many small children she terrified. Bless her.

I thought I would probably regret researching this, but here’s a link to the Scottish Falsetto Sockpuppet Theatre’s YouTube playlist, and here’s another link to a video where they announce the casting of Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor Who. (Brendan’s impression of them is actually pretty good.)

El Sandifer’s interview with Peter Harness was broadcast on the Pex Lives podcast feed. You can find it here.

Friend-of-the-podcast Erik Stadnik has just finished the RTD1 era on his podcast Doctor Who: The Writers’ Room, in which he and Kyle discuss the various writers and eras throughout the show’s history. In their most recent episode, they start their long journey through the Steven Moffat era with a discussion of The Eleventh Hour. Highly recommended.

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And more

Yesterday, we released the first episode of our new Space: 1999 commentary podcast, Startling Barbara Bain. Space: 1999 was, at times, a thoughtful and beautifully realised British science fiction show that dealt with questions about the very nature of the universe, and at other times was mostly about astronauts trying not to get eaten by unconvincing monsters with rubber tentacles. Our first episode, Breakaway, sees the moon hurled from its orbit by a nuclear explosion and heading off into space for some thrilling new adventures.

A couple of our podcasts are finished or on hiatus right now. Jodie into Terror was our flashcast on every episode of the Whittaker era, recorded just a couple of days after the broadcast of the episode. Bondfinger was our James Bond commentary podcast, which also covered some of our favourite spy-fi TV shows of the sixties and seventies.

Maximum Power is back! Our podcast about Blakes 7, co-produced with the Trap One podcast, makes a start on Blakes 7 series C, with a discussion of the first episode, Aftermath.

And finally, there’s our Star Trek commentary podcast, Untitled Star Trek Project, featuring Nathan and friend-of-the-podcast Joe Ford. This week, we were astounded to find ourselves enjoying a late-era episode of Star Trek: Enterprise in which the Vulcans go completely rogue — Kir’Shara.

Episode 273: Electrified Pubic Merkins · Recorded on Sunday 10 September 2023 · Duration 0:55:51 · Download · Open in new window

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