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Episode 274

Orange Babies

This week, we’re all enjoying bombing and threatening one another, until the Doctor comes along and delivers a long speech about New Cruel People, which starts making us feel bad about ourselves. And fair enough. It’s The Zygon Inversion.

The Decimas were tiny squeaky-voiced aliens, who looked like nothing so much as miniature Zygons; their leader was played by our very own Deep Roy. They appeared in the fifth episode of Blakes 7, Web, and so you can hear more about them in Maximum Power episode 5, Color-coded Anoraks.

Sonequa Martin-Green is the astonishing beautiful lead in the first of the new new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery. Her ability to convey genuine emotional distress in Series 1 was so impressive that they required her to do it in just about every scene in Series 2.

And Truth or Consequences is a real place in New Mexico, a small town that voted to name itself after a radio game show in 1950. (Before that, it was called Hot Springs.)

Picks of the Week


Simon recommends seminal Cold War-era horror film Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), which has been an influence on Doctor Who all the way back to The Faceless Ones.


James brings us back to 2023 with his recommendation of Marvel’s TV miniseries Secret Invasion, which itself goes back to a comic book crossover storyline that ran for a few months in 2008.


Peter suggests Barbenheimer, which was this year’s weirdest media trend, watching Greta Gerwig’s Barbie (2023) and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer (2023) on the same day. If Bonnie is still around in 2023, you have to believe that she participated.


Nathan suggests watching Heartstopper (2022), a terribly sweet gay high-school romance on Netflix. It’s based on Alice Oseman’s webcomic, and is also a series of graphic novels.

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And more

Last week, we released the first episode of our new Space: 1999 commentary podcast, Startling Barbara Bain. In that first episode, we talked over the show’s pilot episode Breakaway, in which the moon is hurled from its orbit by a terrible nuclear explosion.

A couple of our podcasts are finished or on hiatus right now. Jodie into Terror was our flashcast on every episode of the Whittaker era, recorded just a couple of days after the broadcast of the episode. Bondfinger was our James Bond commentary podcast, which also covered some of our favourite spy-fi TV shows of the sixties and seventies.

Maximum Power is back! Our podcast about Blakes 7, co-produced with the Trap One podcast, continues its coverage of Blakes 7 series C, with a discussion of the second episode, Powerplay.

And finally, there’s our Star Trek commentary podcast, Untitled Star Trek Project, featuring Nathan and friend-of-the-podcast Joe Ford. This week, we watched a lovely episode of Star Trek: Voyager. B’Elanna crash lands on a bronze-age planet and becomes the inspiration for a beautiful young playwright in Muse.

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