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Episode 279

Allowed to Be the Doctor

From Skaro to Gallifrey, twelve episodes of one of the strangest seasons in Doctor Who’s history. What did we think, what did we learn, and what are we most looking forward to? And, as always, who would we snog, marry or avoid?

Thanks to Bob Gilbey (@bobgilbey), Bryan says… (@bryan1981) and DJ Alpha-T (@DJ_AlphaT) for contributing their questions to this episode.

As we well know, an anthology of short stories about the life of Ashildr was indeed published in 2015. It was called Doctor Who: Legends of Ashildr, and it includes stories by Justin Richards and James Goss.

In the shownotes for last week’s episode we discussed the fact that Heaven Sent was nominated for a Hugo Award in 2016, Doctor Who didn’t receive any awards at all for its 2015 season.

And, since we properly failed to mention it (or even remember it, you might say with some justification), the Jenny Laird Award goes to a season or era’s most puzzling creative choice, and the Bonnie Langford goes to someone or something that is surprisingly and delightfully good.

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Episode 279: Allowed to Be the Doctor · Recorded on Sunday 26 November 2023 · Duration 1:15:19 · Download · Open in new window

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