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Episode 147

The Commentary Invasion

It’s a Christmas miracle! Flight Through Entirety starts an exciting Christmas tradition by nogging up, sitting down and talking all the way through a Doctor Who Christmas special — David Tennant’s début episode, The Christmas Invasion.

Episode 147: The Commentary Invasion · Recorded on Friday 21 December 2018 · Duration 1:04:25 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 163

That’s Not Even a Proper Commentary

It’s Christmas in July and an apocalyptically hot day in London. Still, Nathan, James, Todd and Peter have been cordially invited to attend the wedding of that guy off EastEnders and the incomparable Catherine Tate. Things don’t go quite according to plan. It’s The Runaway Bride.

Episode 163: That’s Not Even a Proper Commentary · Recorded on Sunday 28 July 2019 · Duration 1:05:02 · Download · Open in new window

ChristmasCommentariesSpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 179

Mrs Golightly’s Happy Travelling University and Commentary

In our highest-rated episode since 1979, Nathan, James, Todd and Richard celebrate Christmas aboard the Titanic with champagne, buffalo wings and Kylie Minogue. It looks like it’s going to be a successful maiden voyage — after all, the episode is called Voyage of the Damned.

Episode 179: Mrs Golightly’s Happy Travelling University and Commentary · Recorded on Sunday 8 December 2019 · Duration 1:17:20 · Download · Open in new window

ChristmasCommentariesSpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 194

Mr Cole, Mr Scoones, Mr Fetch and Mr Commentary

It’s Christmas in July, and an amnesiac Todd is cosplaying as Colin Baker while his missing son Brendan is slaving away in a workhouse somewhere. Meanwhile, Richard is frocked up and ready to take over the British Empire, as usual, while Nathan is wearing a brass N95 mask and a gorilla suit and dreaming of summer days spent frolicking in the forests of the planet Tara. Pass us the eggnog, someone: it’s time to meet The Next Doctor.

Episode 194: Mr Cole, Mr Scoones, Mr Fetch and Mr Commentary · Recorded on Friday 19 June 2020 · Duration 1:03:57 · Download · Open in new window

ChristmasCommentariesSpecialsThe Tenth Doctor

Episode 198

Do Something Big

This Christmas, everyone’s incredibly hungry, but we’re not allowed to start on dinner until the Doctor’s embarrassing relatives arrive. It’s the episode with the most oxymoronic title in the entire series — The End of Time, Part One.

Episode 198: Do Something Big · Recorded on Sunday 13 December 2020 · Duration 0:54:42 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 215

Kazran Scroogedick

Dashing through the snow, in a one-shark open sleigh, past some pants we go, laughing all the way. (Ha-ha-ha.) Max and Peter sing, making spirits bright, and James and Nathan do their thing in Sardicktown tonight!

Episode 215: Kazran Scroogedick · Recorded on Monday 21 June 2021 · Duration 1:03:44 · Download · Open in new window

ChristmasSpecialsThe Eleventh Doctor

Episode 230

Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World

When loveable middle-class white lady Sue Brockman (Claire Skinner) loses her husband Pete (Hugh Dennis) after his plane goes missing over the English Channel, she decides to withhold that information from her children (Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez), because she is afraid it might ruin their Christmas (which it totally would). But her world is soon turned upside-down by a mysterious stranger (a very young Prince Philip in his first television role), who beguiles the children with hot and cold running lemonade before whisking them off to an extraterrestrial forest which is about to have massive vats of acid dumped on it. Meanwhile, surprisingly, obnoxiously messianic lion Aslan (Liam Neeson) is nowhere to be found. Mark McManus and Pete Lambert guest star. It’s The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.

Episode 230: Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World · Recorded on Sunday 12 December 2021 · Duration 1:04:23 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 236

Good Smugness

Christmas, 1892: The Doctor has retired from saving the universe after a disastrous mid-series finale earlier in the year. He is cheered up somewhat by his encounter with a feisty young barmaid, who is intrigued enough to follow the Doctor home, only to learn a valuable and ultimately fatal lesson about the importance of railings. Richard E Grant is here too, as usual, delivering his lines through heroically clenched teeth. It’s The Snowmen.

Episode 236: Good Smugness · Recorded on Sunday 24 April 2022 · Duration 1:02:35 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 251

To Have a Better Ending

While Clara undergoes a gruelling Christmas lunch with her family, on Trenzalore, in a town called Christmas, the Doctor is doing what he has always done — protecting, defending and being far, far too silly. Goodbye, Matt Smith — it’s The Time of the Doctor.

Episode 251: To Have a Better Ending · Recorded on Sunday 11 September 2022 · Duration 1:01:21 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 266

The Tangerine in the Window

It’s Christmas in July, and what could be more Christmassy than having your brains sucked out by predatory alien crabs? Why, Nick Frost as Santa, of course! So welcome, everyone, to your Last Christmas.

Episode 266: The Tangerine in the Window · Recorded on Saturday 17 June 2023 · Duration 0:55:12 · Download · Open in new window

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Episode 280

He Finds a Way to Fix It

This week, the Doctor and River live happily ever after, and Jack Shanahan joins us to discuss The Husbands of River Song.

Episode 280: He Finds a Way to Fix It · Recorded on Wednesday 6 December 2023 · Duration 0:49:16 · Download · Open in new window

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