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Episode 198

Do Something Big

This Christmas, everyone’s incredibly hungry, but we’re not allowed to start on dinner until the Doctor’s embarrassing relatives arrive. It’s the episode with the most oxymoronic title in the entire series — The End of Time, Part One.

Prisoner — or Prisoner: Cell Block H — was a classic Australian soap opera before such things even existed. In this clip, the Freak introduces herself to fan favourite Doreen Burns in a particularly memorable way.

V was an American mini-series from the mid-80s, in which rat-eating lizard people invaded America in a way that we can only describe as extremely prophetic. You can see the scene that Todd mentions here.

Nathan prepared for this episode by live-tweeting both parts of The End of Time, using the hashtag #FinalDaysOfPlanetEarth.

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Episode 198: Do Something Big · Recorded on Sunday 13 December 2020 · Duration 0:54:42 · Download · Open in new window

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