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Episode 199

A Great Release of Tension

This week, we’ve hastily convened an emergency meeting in our darkest conference room: Todd’s itching to try out his new glove, Nathan has some serious objections to make, James is here mostly for the exposition and Peter is hunched over the desk doing his best Dalek Caan impersonation. It’s the end of the David Tennant era — The End of Time, Part Two.

For the last time ever, the best source for background information about the development of this script is Russell T Davies’s The Writer’s Tale, particularly Chapters 23 and 24. That’s also where you’ll find the scripts to some of the deleted scenes where John Simm was playing against himself, scenes which were very kindly pointed out to us by friend-of-the-podcast Scriptscribbles.

Our new trope for 2021 is the Florana speech — which is the speech where the Doctor lists a whole bunch of possible magnificent destinations in order to entice someone to travel with him. The locus classicus for this is Pertwee and Sarah at the end of Invasion of the Dinosaurs; Nathan’s personal favourite can be found at the beginning of The Day of the Doctor.

Picks of the week


Todd has been enjoying Marie-Claire’s World, a YouTube channel where a new series fan is watching her way through the entirety of the Classic Series and recording her reactions. She’s very positive about it.

Honourable mentions also go to SeskaSays and Medusa Cascade, who are doing pretty much the same thing.


James’s pick is returning favourite W1A, also chosen by Simon in Episode 172. It’s a sitcom set inside the BBC itself, starring Doctor Who royalty Jessica Hynes and Hugh Bonneville, and narrated by David Tennant.


Peter wants us to take a look as some of the news coverage of Donald Trump’s childish and mendacious post-election tantrum, so that we can properly appreciate what Joe Biden and the American voting public will deliver us from on 20 January. Not long now.


Nathan has been watching The Boys, a violent and hilarious satire of comic-book superheroes and American capitalism, brought to you by those cuddly Marxist hippies at Amazon Prime.

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Episode 199: A Great Release of Tension · Recorded on Sunday 13 December 2020 · Duration 1:02:08 · Download · Open in new window

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