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Episode 266

The Tangerine in the Window

It’s Christmas in July, and what could be more Christmassy than having your brains sucked out by predatory alien crabs? Why, Nick Frost as Santa, of course! So welcome, everyone, to your Last Christmas.

We often use an episode’s show notes to enumerate a story’s influences, but Mr Moffat has already done it for us. Towards the end of the episode, Shona picks up a piece of paper which outlines her Christmas Day itinerary, including DVD (Alien), DVD (The Thing from Another World), and DVD (Miracle on 34th Street). She also plans to forgive Dave, which is nice.

Brendan mentions the long-forgotten Doctor Who spin-off Class, whose only season aired towards the end of 2016. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor appears in the first episode, which is his only onscreen appearance between the 2015 Christmas Special The Husbands of River Song and the 2016 Christmas Special The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

Before Last Christmas there was, of course, Inception (2010): Christopher Nolan’s film about people making a journey through nested dreamscapes.

Yes, James, we’ve already done the Star Trek: Generations podcast on Untitled Star Trek Project. But thank you for asking.

Brendan mentions the Futurama episode called The Sting, which is full of nested dreamscapes in which it’s unclear who is doing the actual dreaming. Clever, moving and ridiculous — you could almost say Moffaty. (Futurama is back right now with a new series. Exciting.)

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Episode 266: The Tangerine in the Window · Recorded on Saturday 17 June 2023 · Duration 0:55:12 · Download · Open in new window

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