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Episode 271

Eels with Jazz Hands

This week, we remind ourselves of what the Doctor stands for, as we watch him train up some very silly Vikings to be sweet and funny enough to see off an invasion by big stupid monsters with mouths full of teeth. Stacey Smith? joins us to discuss the story of The Girl Who Died.

Stacey discovered how much she liked this episode while watching it for Who is the Doctor 2, an unofficial guide to the Smith and Capaldi years, published in 2020.

Wallander was a Swedish TV series based on the detective novels by Henning Menkell. It was re-made in English, in a version starring Kenneth Branagh as the detective, and featuring our very own haematophobic Viking Heidi (Barnaby Kay).

And finally, the director of this episode, Ed Bazalgette, is very likely to have featured in this music video, familiar to both Nathan and Stacey from their childhoods: Turning Japanese by the Vapors.

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A couple of our podcasts are finished or on hiatus right now. Jodie into Terror was our flashcast on every episode of the Whittaker era, recorded just a couple of days after the broadcast of the episode. Bondfinger is our James Bond commentary podcast, which also covers some of our favourite spy-fi TV shows of the sixties and seventies.

Maximum Power is a podcast about Blakes 7, a co-production with the Trap One Podcast. Our Series C coverage is impending. Clear your schedules.

And finally, there’s our Star Trek commentary podcast, Untitled Star Trek Project, featuring Nathan and friend-of-the-podcast Joe Ford. We took a break this week, but if you want to hear Nathan squeaking incredulously about the weaknesses of a Star Trek series, we recommend taking a listen to our coverage of Star Trek: Enterprise. We’ll be back this Friday with a commentary on quite a good episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

Episode 271: Eels with Jazz Hands · Recorded on Sunday 27 August 2023 · Duration 0:52:42 · Download · Open in new window

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