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Episode 34

Choc Bit Breast Plates

This week, Flight Through Entirety is on location in Dartmoor, testing our resistance to fear, burning, pressure, fluid deprivation and immersion in liquids, as we discuss the third story of Tom Baker’s first season, The Sontaran Experiment.

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The Sontaran Experiment was released on DVD in 2006/2007. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Fans of posh white people living in orbital space stations will enjoy The Ark in Space, of course, and also Elysium (2013), which makes reasonably good use of Jodie Foster, whatever Brendan says.

Fans of dead teenagers will enjoy The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974).

Dr Josef Mengele worked as an SS Officer in Auschwitz and performed brutal and sadistic experiments on some of the prisoners, as well as assigning many to the gas chambers.

Fans of the Sontaran insectoid robot will enjoy this photograph of the Canada Water Library in Southwark, which looks remarkably like it.

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