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Episode 69

By the Power of Bad Acting

The Season 18 fun continues this week as we head off to the planet Tigella to confront megalomaniacal pot plant Meglos. On the way, we discuss another important trope, hating the Doctor’s old friends, and, of course, the awesome wonder of Jacqueline Hill.

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Meglos was released on DVD in 2011. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

The horrific helmet hair on the Savants has its roots (ha!) in the Gerry Anderson TV series UFO (1980). Check out the sexy purple version of the Savants’ wigs in this blog post on the first episode of the series.

Here is a list of all of the old friends of John Steed who are killed in episodes of The New Avengers.

Fans of The Avengers will have nodded sagely at Brendan’s mentions of the episodes Murdersville and The Man-Eater of Surrey Green. We discuss Man-Eater in one of our favourite episodes of this podcast, Episode 43: Sexiest Exposition Trope.

On the subject of tropes, Brendan mentions the delivery of exposition by having characters explain to each other things they clearly already know. According to TV Tropes, this trope is officially called As you know. Please take note.

According to Brendan, who is very young, you know, Tigella’s lush, aggressive vegetation looks very much like the Pokémon Victreebel. You can compare them yourself here.

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