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Episode 84

Sofas All Around Gallifrey

Doctor Who squelches back onto our screens with the first story of Season 20 — Arc of Infinity. It’s a rollicking tale of quad magnetism, pulse loops, transduction barriers and impulse lasers, tastefully decorated with shiny plastic sofas.

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Arc of Infinity was released on DVD in 2007. In the US, it was released on its own (Amazon US), but in the UK and Australia it was released along with Time-Flight in a box set that would have been the worst Christmas present in human history (Amazon UK).

Johnny Byrne wrote 8 episodes of Season 1 of Space: 1999, and some of them were actually quite good. Sort of.

Leonard Sachs, this week’s President Borusa, wasn’t actually in The Pallisers (1974), but he had actually appeared in Doctor Who before as Admiral de Coligny in Nathan’s favourite story, The Massacre. The First and Fourth Borusas were in The Pallisers, along with other famous Doctor Who alumni, including Antony Ainley, Moray Watson, Donald Pickering, John Hallam, Derek Jacobi, Peter Sallis and June Whitfield.

The story about Ace encountering an Ergon while selling fried chicken was Anti-Matter with Fries by Gareth Roberts, which appeared in issue 199 of Doctor Who Magazine.

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Doctor Who in 10 Seconds

Tomorrow sees the release of Doctor Who in 10 Seconds Series 6, which will be every bit as delightful as all of the previous episodes. You can watch the entirety of the series by checking out the playlist on YouTube.


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