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Episode 95

Pointy at the Back

After the whimsy and quality of last week’s story, 1980s Doctor Who is back on form with a grim 90-minute slog, bristling with guns and clunky macho dialogue. And a bigger body count than the last three seasons combined! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Resurrection of the Daleks.

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Resurrection of the Daleks has been released on DVD many times, for some reason. The Special Edition DVD was first released in the Revisitations 2 box set in 2011 (Amazon UK), which at least includes a new edition of Carnival of Monsters. As always, it was also released on its own in the US. (Amazon US)

Fans of classic British comedy racism may even enjoy Spike Milligan’s celebrated Pakistani Dalek sketch.

And if this story hasn’t slaked your thirst for ultraviolence in London (and Newcastle), you should watch the 1971 Michael Hodges masterpiece, Get Carter, which stars Michael Caine and largely deleted Avengers alumnus Ian Hendry.

And if even that’s not enough for you, The Long Good Friday (1980), launched the career of the late Bob Hoskins and featured the delightful and somewhat terrifying Helen Mirren. Like Resurrection of the Daleks, it heavily features the London Docklands and people shooting each other with guns.

And now it’s time for Flight Through Entirety Entertainment Tonight: Parker Posey will be playing Dr Smith in the new Netflix remake of Lost in Space. Meanwhile, Michelle Yeoh, who pillioned with Pierce Brosnan in the 1997 Bond classic Tomorrow Never Dies, has reportedly signed on to play the captain of the upcoming new Star Trek series Star Trek Discovery. Nathan’s partner Calvin continues to deny that she’s his long-lost cousin from Ipoh. But none of us are convinced by that.

And in Separated at Birth?, we encourage you to consider how uncannily similar Eric Saward looks to Baron Silas Greenback from our childhood favourite Danger Mouse. (No, not the 2015 reboot. Or the music producer.)

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Doctor Who in 10 Seconds

Most of our listeners are longing for those other guys to shut the hell up, so that they can hear what Brendan has to say. And who can blame them?

Fans of the delightful Brendan can actually see him in person in his video series Doctor Who in Ten Seconds, in which he takes a leisurely 10 seconds to summarise individual stories of Doctor Who. Think how much time you’ll save watching the show by checking out the playlist on YouTube instead!


Well, we’ve been overcome by a seasonal inability to be arsed enough to watch A View to a Kill, so our Rodg-a-thon will reach its final conclusion in the New Year, possibly under a Trump presidency.

In the meantime, you can enjoy our other Rodgecasts, from For Your Eyes Only to Live and Let Die. Other Bonds are also available, of course. You can keep up with all the Bondfinger news on Twitter and Facebook.

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