Jeremy Radick

Jeremy Radick on his couch, smiling a crooked smile

Jeremy’s earliest conscious memory is of Jon Pertwee’s Season 11 title sequence, so Doctor Who imprinted on him like he was a baby chick. A professional actor since the age of 11, it all came full circle when Philip Segal decided Vancouver was an acceptable stand-in for San Francisco, and Jeremy appeared as Gareth in the 1996 TV Movie. He also appeared in dozens of film and television projects such as The X-Files, Psych, and Reaper, and once co-starred in a Sasquatch movie with Lance Henriksen called, imaginatively, Sasquatch. He also appeared in stage productions in New York, Vancouver and Toronto. But obviously none of this tops being given a jelly baby on-screen by Paul McGann, which he still has and can produce on demand.

Episode 275

The Cappuccino Thing

This week, in orbit of the planet Neptune, a Doctor Who story is created which kills literally everyone who watches it. Which is why we should probably have thought twice before inviting the lovely Jeremy Radick to discuss it with us.

Episode 275: The Cappuccino Thing · Duration 0:57:39 · Download · Open in new window

Series 9The Twelfth Doctor