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Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter leans contentedly against a lamppost, dressed as the Fifth Doctor

Karen Carpenter was introduced to Doctor Who when she was just two years old, when her mother sat her in front of the television in a desperate attempt to keep her quiet for half an hour. It’s a technique that still works today: well, most of the time — well, nearly most of the time — well, no, it doesn’t work all: she talks all the way through it, but she still loves Doctor Who to bits. She has a sneaking suspicion that she might be the love child of Peter Davison.

Episode 206

Those Facepalming Moments

This week, James is getting excited about being accepted into a new finishing school, Todd is being complacent about the size of his torch, Nathan is huddling in a corner repeatedly saying the word fish, and friend-of-the-podcast Karen Carpenter is lying in the courtyard and rehydrating. It’s The Vampires of Venice.

Episode 206: Those Facepalming Moments · Recorded on Saturday 27 February 2021 · Duration 0:46:03 · Download · Open in new window

Series 5The Eleventh Doctor