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Season 4

Episode 11

Bum Wetting

It’s the end of an era. In this episode, Brendan, Richard and Nathan say goodbye to the Doctor and hello to his suspicious new replacement, as we discuss The Smugglers, The Tenth Planet and The Power of the Daleks.

Episode 11: Bum Wetting · Duration 1:03:22 · Download · Open in new window

Season 4The First DoctorThe Second Doctor

Episode 12

Comedy Accents

Our flight through Season 4 continues, plunging underwater and crash landing on the moon with The Highlanders, The Underwater Menace and The Moonbase. Nothing in ze vorld can stop us now!

Episode 12: Comedy Accents · Duration 1:10:56 · Download · Open in new window

Season 4The Second Doctor

Episode 13

Airwick Gatport

In this week’s episode of Flight out of Gatwick, we discuss Season 4’s last three stories, The Macra Terror, The Faceless Ones and The Evil of the Daleks. Farewell, Ben and Polly. Hello, Victoria. Work hard and happily! (We know you will.)

Episode 13: Airwick Gatport · Duration 1:08:43 · Download · Open in new window

Season 4The Second Doctor

Episode 281

Entering a New Phase

A big week for beginnings this week, with a new Doctor, a new origin story for the Daleks, and a whole new approach to defeating the bad guys. Oh, and a new podcast to discuss them all on. So let’s welcome Patrick Troughton to the studio floor, as we discuss The Power of the Daleks.

Episode 281: Entering a New Phase · Recorded on Thursday 9 March 2023 · Duration 1:02:58 · Download · Open in new window

Season 4The Second Doctor