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Episode 112

Time Inc.

Transported to a nightmarish world of the Valeyard’s creation, the Doctor finds himself unable to escape, because Eric Saward has stormed off, taking his script for Episode 14 with him.

This week, we bring you that script, performed by a troupe of talented and attractive young actors. What was the original ending for The Trial of a Time Lord? Tune in to Flight Through Entirety’s production of Time Inc. to find out.


The DoctorTodd Beilby
MelanieBrendan Jones
The ValeyardNathan Bottomley
The InquisitorRichard Stone
GlitzRichard Stone
The MasterJames Sellwood
PopplewickBrendan Jones
Keeper of the MatrixTodd Beilby

Special thanks to Dominic Glynn, who graciously permitted the use of his original soundtrack for The Ultimate Foe.

What are you, a comedian?

Normal service will be resumed next week with our Colin Baker Big Finish special, our second-last episode on the Colin Baker Era.

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Vaguely bohemian

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