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Season 23

Episode 107

Don’t Do It Again, Todd

The walls between realities were fairly porous back in 1986, which is why we find ourselves this week in a terrifying parallel universe where the Hiatus never happened, and the original plans for Season 23 actually came to fruition. Beware.

Episode 107: Don’t Do It Again, Todd · Duration 1:04:07 · Download · Open in new window

Big FinishSeason 23The Sixth Doctor

Episode 108

I’m Supposed to Be Cross

This week, Brendan, Nathan and Todd go for a lovely walk in a rain-drenched forest, only to find themselves dragged halfway across the galaxy by the Time Lords and placed on trial to answer for their crimes. It’s Parts 1 to 4 of the longest Doctor Who story ever — The Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet.

Episode 108: I’m Supposed to Be Cross · Duration 0:56:35 · Download · Open in new window

Season 23The Sixth Doctor

Episode 109

Dark Colours

It’s been a few years now, so it’s time to cynically murder another one of the Doctor’s companions. Which is why we spend a lot of time talking about what’s great about this story. It’s episodes 5 to 8 of The Trial of a Time LordMindwarp.

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Season 23The Sixth Doctor

Episode 110

The Demeter Seed Game

After the stressful events of last week, we’ve decided to treat ourselves to a luxury cruise. Brendan’s working out in a pink tracksuit, Todd’s playing Galaxian and terrorising the waitress, and Nathan’s hanging around the communications room with an axe. And, in order to protect a secret hidden on the space liner, one of us will become a murderer. And there are Vervoids, of course.

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Season 23The Sixth Doctor

Episode 111

Gallifreyan Duck and Cover

And now it’s time for the Trial storyline to implode completely. Nathan turns out to be a distillation of all that is evil in Todd, and Brendan has just stormed out with the only copy of this episode’s script. It’s the last two episodes of The Trial of a Time Lord — The Ultimate Foe.

Episode 111: Gallifreyan Duck and Cover · Duration 1:07:28 · Download · Open in new window

Season 23The Sixth Doctor

Episode 112

Time Inc.

Transported to a nightmarish world of the Valeyard’s creation, the Doctor finds himself unable to escape, because Eric Saward has stormed off, taking his script for Episode 14 with him.

Episode 112: Time Inc. · Duration 0:30:33 · Download · Open in new window

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