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Episode 109

Dark Colours

It’s been a few years now, so it’s time to cynically murder another one of the Doctor’s companions. Which is why we spend a lot of time talking about what’s great about this story. It’s episodes 5 to 8 of The Trial of a Time LordMindwarp.

There’s Always a Choice

You’ve waited long enough: it’s time for you to vote for a Tom Baker story for our next commentary podcast. It’s just like the British General Election, only not horrendous.

Voting in the FTE Tom Baker commentary poll has now closed. In this poll, our listeners made a choice between The Hand of Fear , The Sun Makers, The Stones of Blood and The Horns of Nimon. The winner will be announced in Episode 115.

Buy the story!

Mindwarp was (unsurprisingly) released as part of the Trial of a Time Lord box set in 2008/2009. (Amazon US) (Amazon UK)

Not much to say here, but Nathan makes a reference to Peri being “fridged”. You can find the TV Tropes entry on fridging here.

Moments later, he namechecks another trope when he talks about “lampshading” the convenient arrival of a new companion. It’s just tropes tropes tropes tropes tropes this week.

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Over on Bondfinger, we’ve finally reached the end of the entire Timothy Dalton era, with our recently-released commentary on Licence to Kill. Fans of Timothy Dalton will also enjoy our commentary on The Living Daylights.

Of course, we also have plenty of Rodgecasts online, and there are other Bonds available, as well. You can keep up with all the Bondfinger news on Twitter and Facebook.

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