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Episode 107

Don’t Do It Again, Todd

The walls between realities were fairly porous back in 1986, which is why we find ourselves this week in a terrifying parallel universe where the Hiatus never happened, and the original plans for Season 23 actually came to fruition. Beware.

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Here are the four stories that we spend most of our time discussing:

We also mention these Big Finish lost story adaptations:

Todd’s dream Season 23

If you’re willing to let Todd into your head, why not try listening to his dream Season 23, the stories he wishes had been produced had the Hiatus never happened?

Fans of genuinely funny and brilliant radio comedy featuring wacky computers and morose robots will enjoy The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, particularly the first radio series. (Audible US) (Audible UK) (Audible AU)

Slipback’s two computer voices are played by Jane Carr, who plays bald Centauri alien Timov Moralli in a number of Babylon 5 episodes, including Soul Mates. She also plays Malcolm Reed’s mother on Enterprise. In that role, she actually has hair, which just goes to show how impressive her range is.

One of Slipback’s computer voices is hideously reminiscent of the presenter of the 1990s Australian children’s programme, Mulligrubs. Take a look here, if you dare.

Fans of the Planet of Women trope will enjoy the reference to the planet Cygnet XIV in the Star Trek episode Tomorrow is Yesterday, in which Captain Kirk is annoyed to find the Enterprise computer flirting with him after its overhaul at the hands of that planet’s engineers.

Whether you like it or not

We have only one (or four) stories left to cover in the Colin Baker era. And because we can’t bear to say goodbye to him so soon, we’re planning a Very Special Episode about some of Colin’s best Big Finish audios. To prepare for that episode, you might like to listen to these audio stories:

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Meanwhile, over at Bondfinger, we have finally arrived at the Rassilon Era, with Timothy Dalton’s first film as Bond, The Living Daylights.

Of course, we also have plenty of Rodgecasts online, and there are other Bonds available as well. You can keep up with all the Bondfinger news on Twitter and Facebook.

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