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Big Finish

Episode 107

Don’t Do It Again, Todd

The walls between realities were fairly porous back in 1986, which is why we find ourselves this week in a terrifying parallel universe where the Hiatus never happened, and the original plans for Season 23 actually came to fruition. Beware.

Episode 107: Don’t Do It Again, Todd · Duration 1:04:07 · Download · Open in new window

Big FinishSeason 23The Sixth Doctor

Episode 113


This week, we look at a medium where Colin’s reputation as the Doctor is second to none. To that end, Nathan is only pretending to be evil, Brendan has two peglegs, Todd is having a hard time assembling some shelving, and Richard is just a shadow of his former self. It’s Colin Baker, in the Big Finish audio adventures!

Episode 113: Rehabilitation · Duration 1:03:00 · Download · Open in new window

Big FinishThe Sixth Doctor