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Episode 114

Never Going to Win

We’ve reached the end of Doctor Who’s longest era: an era in which every single story was a 14-episode epic about cannibalism and Gallifreyan jurisprudence. But, despite Eric Saward, there are still nice things to say.

Those of you not from Australia won’t understand our references to the only sitcom in Australian television history, Mother and Son, starring Garry McDonald as highly-strung botanist Arthur Bruchner.

Despite the much-criticised loveliness of his era of Doctor Who, even Russell T Davies can go horribly dark and cynical: fans of harrowing things will be deeply upset by Cucumber episode 6.

People who hate Colin’s coat, which is basically everyone, might be slightly less annoyed by this footage of Colin wearing a blue version of his costume.

Brendan nearly recommends Colin’s Doctor and Evelyn in the Big Finish audio Arrangements for War. But, you know, spoiler alert: you need to know a bit about Evelyn’s character to appreciate it. You might want to start with her first story The Marian Conspiracy.

Do you mind not standing on my chest? My hat’s on fire

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