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Episode 164

The Tara King Confidence

And we’re back! It’s a new year for Doctor Who, and there’s a new companion, with a new mother who will at some point slap him in the face. But until then, it’s all about a bunch of rhinos menacing a hospital on the moon, which is just the kind of premise literally any TV show would come up with. Welcome aboard, Smith and Jones.

It’s a scientific fact that San Junipero is the only episode of Black Mirror in existence which won’t reinforce your hatred of humanity in general and everyone in the world in particular. And Gugu Mbatha-Raw is spectacular in it. Watch it.

We will be mentioning Years and Years every week until we finally get to The Eleventh Hour. Anne Reid stars.

(Our Australian listeners should keep an eye on SBS, which has reportedly bought the series. Maybe.)

An exhaustive search has unearthed a copy of one of the Zovirax ads referenced in this episode.

The Judoon will return in The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 story Prisoner of the Judoon. They fit right in. (I miss that show. It’s great.)

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Episode 164: The Tara King Confidence · Recorded on Sunday, 28 July 2019 · Duration 0:50:32 · Download · Open in new window

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