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Episode 165

It’s Neither of Them

This week, we’re joined by Pete Lambert and Conrad Westmaas for a social history of Elizabethan England, a whirlwind tour of the life and works of Shakespeare, and some serious criticism of Martha’s taste in men. It’s Tuesday, so this must be Hamlet — it’s The Shakespeare Code.

Conrad has two recommendations for you. For a straightforward guide to Shakespeare’s life and works, see Emma Smith’s This is Shakespeare.

And for an equally useful introduction to Shakespeare, here’s Julian and Sandy’s Bona Bookshop.

For a history of some of the African immigrants living in London in this period, Pete recommends Miranda Kaufmann’s Black Tudors.

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Episode 165: It’s Neither of Them · Recorded on Sunday, 4 August 2019 · Duration 1:02:28 · Download · Open in new window

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