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Episode 166

Deeply Platonic

This week, Brendan’s high on Honesty, James is driving naked, and Nathan can’t stop scratching himself for some reason, while special guest star Erik Stadnik brings some philosophy and literary criticism to our discussion of Gridlock.

Fans of David Tennant massively overplaying the Doctor’s enthusiasm will also enjoy his audiobook reading of The Stone Rose by Jacqueline Rayner. (Audible US) (Audible UK) (Audible AU)

Simon and Nathan discuss realism in Doctor Who — and in Gridlock in particular — in our The Girl in the Fireplace episode, Episode 151: Tropes, for Want of a Better Word.

Plato’s allegory of the Cave can be found at the start of Book 7 of The Republic, 514a–520a.

The actor who plays Valerie in Gridlock and Bill’s foster mother Moira in Series 10 also had a small part in RTD’s series The Second Coming, which stars Christoper Eccleston in the title role and which is very definitely worth watching.

Brendan’s morbid fear of Tractators is recounted in some detail in our Frontios episode, Episode 94: Not Allowed to Watch That One.

The very first people to get addicted to Bliss are described by Homer in Odyssey 9.82–115.

Russell T Davies’ first draft of this episode can be found on page 63 of Monsters and Villains (2005) by Justin Richards.

Erik’s podcasts are The Real McCoy and The Writers’ Room, so you should all subscribe to them immediately, of course.

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